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RVA Summer Intern | Future CEO

Happy Summer!

I hope you have been keeping up with our insights! In May I announced that I had some very exciting news to share with you in the near future. Well, here it goes…

Introducing our summer intern and future CEO of RVA!

I am so pleased our daughter, Kayla, has taken an interest in expanding her skills, knowledge, and experience. This is a great opportunity for all of us. I will let Kayla introduce herself, then I will tell you a little about what she has/will be doing on over the summer.


My name is Kayla. I am excited to intern for RVA because it will teach me many different skills that can help me with jobs when I’m older. Some of my skills are: communication, collaboration, time management, critical thinking, initiative, and technical proficiency.

I excel in math, using technology, and learning quickly. I am determined to reach goals, and I am a hard worker.

A few things I enjoy are basketball, soccer, videogames, kayaking, playing with my amazing guinea pig Nala and my two wonderful cats Handsome and Zoey. I also enjoy hanging out with friends, writing, and math.

~Kayla M.

Not sure if you caught it but she really likes math. As she mentioned she excels in math and ENJOYS it. Her skills will be put to the test. Kayla has been working in Photoshop since she was 4 years old, so she has and will continue to help with sizing and editing images, GIFs, building out templates, and she will also update some content on the RVA website.

She has also taken over managing my calendar and making sure that all meetings are booked, projects are scheduled, and holding me accountable to get my work done… To tell you the truth, we did have one small incident her first week – I opened my calendar and projects were booked from 6am until midnight. I asked her why she booked me for the whole day. Her response “Well, your calendar was already full, and I had to get the project work in.” In the end it all worked out, we work very efficiently and block time generously on the back end, so we always complete projects on time.

There you have it – a little insight as to what has been going on behind the scenes and you had the chance to meet our summer intern and the future CEO of Reliable Virtual Assistants! I hope you enjoyed this read. Oh yes… what other insight may be helpful? Maybe all you need is a summer intern to delegate some tasks to, but if you feel you need more you can always get in touch with an RVA!

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