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Don’t be slumped over the computer, GET OUTSIDE!

As the weather is warming up and the cabin fever is finally going away the last thing you want is to be slumped over your computer doing work while everyone else enjoys the outdoors. If you want to enjoy this weather, then follow some of our tips!

  • Establish a routine scheduleConsistency in your day allows for better time management.

  • Keep a listA to do list helps keep you organized (and this list cannot exist only in your head). Review it daily and keep it up to date.

  • Use your calendar – Check your calendar regularly to ensure to avoid conflicts and trusting your memory.

  • Time block your dayTime management, schedule quiet time to accomplish tasks. Complete most your challenging work when energy is at its highest, this allows for more focus and productivity.

  • Book a vacationWho doesn’t need a little get away after a long and stressful winter? A little time to yourself could be great.

  • Open the windowsThis allows fresh air and improves concentration.

  • DelegateReduce workload and stress by delegating tasks. Assign work to others when your level of expertise is not needed.

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