Cindy Florence

New Year, New You!

Have you ever walked into a pizza joint and its exactly the same as it was that last time you were there a twenty years ago? It has the same tables and plastic red drinking glasses. The same tired chairs now with a few more tears in the upholstery and a little more gum stuck …

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Our Covid-19 Scare!

In February, we could see the writing on the wall that Coronavirus was coming. We felt mostly safe here in our little town Readsboro, Vermont but were wary of going out into the world. It was a nice sunny day and our daughter Kayla was riding around on her new bike she got for her …

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Hello Everyone

I would like to introduce my “Insights” here at RVA. I hope to take some time each month to write about what’s happening here at the office in Vermont. In this months post, I will just be introducing myself a little bit. I would like everyone to know that I am NOT an unapproachable corporate …

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